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Check out the giveaway (http://frettanfriends.blogspot.ca/2012/10/my-annual-giveaway.html) for this lovely little bunny! I found this blog while searching for inspiration for waldorf style dolls & she has some amazing creations!


May. 21st, 2012

So I decided that I should take the muchkin out for a walk this morning even though it was yucky and I wasn't really feeling it. I'm glad we did because I scored a free box of iris! I have always loved them and my mom had them in our flower beds when I was growing up. I would always see them blooming in the spring & think how I needed to get some for our yard. But I never did. I was just talking to my dad about it on Mothers Day. I'm so excited I got these for free that I don't even care what color they are, so I'll be surprised next spring. I think they may be dark purple with white centers though, as the house I got them from had some that color by their mailbox. They had two boxes out, and initially I was going to take the larger box but it ended up being too big/heavy for me to carry while pushing the stroller. Now I have to figure out where to plant them in my yard!

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This innocence is brilliant, I hope that it will stay
This moment is perfect, please don't go away, I need you now
And I'll hold on to it, don't you let it pass you by

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